FAQ - For Those Who Have Questions
Why should I come to LifeFocus?
LifeFocus is a unique opportunity to pursue transformation in the truth of Christ. This week is designed to fuse robust intellectual content with personal growth in a pastoral and interactive environment. Over the last ten years, the Lord has used this ministry to deepen the lives of students and to establish them in the truth (2 Peter 1:12).

When is LifeFocus?
The dates for LifeFocus 2018 have been set for March 17 to March 25, 2018 (Saturday to Sunday). This is spring break for KU and Kansas State.

When does LifeFocus begin?
An initial orientation meeting will take place on the Saturday, March 17 at 6:00 p.m. in Topeka.

How much does LifeFocus cost?

The cost for LifeFocus is $100 per student (plus a $30 late fee after February 26th!). This covers a portion of the conference cost and two book resources for each student.

Is there a cancelation fee?
There will be a $10 cancelation fee to cover registration and administrative expenses.

Where is LifeFocus at?

LifeFocus is held in the church facilities of Topeka Reformed Presbyterian Church (8345 SW 33rd Street), at the intersection of 33rd Street and Auburn Rd. Click here for directions. You can explore the facility more at www.topekareformedpres.org.

Where do we stay?
Students live for the week at Topeka Reformed Presbyterian Church alongside godly chaperones. Guys and girls will be sleeping on the floor in separate areas of the building. Please review the student expectations for all LifeFocus students. Bring a sleeping pad, wear modest clothing/pajamas in public areas.

When should I plan to arrive/depart?
LifeFocus begins officially on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at the Topeka Reformed Presbyterian Church, where dinner will be provided. However, we always encourage students to consider arriving on Saturday evening, if possible. Multiple students will spend the night and worship with the Topeka RPC congregation on the Lord's Day. The morning sermon will lay important groundwork for the week of LifeFocus, plus the worship of the saints will be a rich time together. Topeka RPC will serve a fellowship luncheon for all students, and the conference will provide the evening meal. If you arrive early, you will need to provide your own Saturday evening dinner (often students go to a local restaurant together) and Lord's Day breakfast.

On the last day of the conference (the second Lord's Day) the schedule officially ends following the morning worship service. There will be no meal provided unless requested of the LifeFocus staff.

What if I am flying?
Please indicate that you are flying on your registration form (including your arrival and departure flights and times) . The church is happy to arrange for pickups and dropoffs at the Kansas City International Airport (MCI). The LifeFocus staff will connect you with your ride via email and cell phone before you begin your travels.

What about meals?
The team prepares morning and noon meals, then partakes of the hospitality of Topeka RPC church members for evening meals. Students will often be called upon to assist in meal preparation or cleanup.
What if I have food allergies?
Please alert the LifeFocus staff to this fact! We are limited in what dietary provisions can be made. However, we will assist those with dietary needs where possible.

What medical release is necessary if I am under 18 years old?
Each student under 18 years old is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to provide a signed and dated Parent/Guardian Release Form. Please be sure that you have completed this form.

What should I bring?
LifeFocus staff have provided a basic packing list that should contain most of what you need to bring. Be sure to bring nice clothes for two Lord's Days and a dinner on Friday evening.

Are there laundry facilities?
There are no laundry facilities on the church property. Students should plan to bring adequate clothing for the week.

Will there be a book table?
Key resources related to the week's theme will be for sale at the church building. Consider bringing $20-$40 to purchase recommended resources.

Will we travel away from the church building during the week?
The team will travel each evening to the home of a Topeka RPC church member for dinner. On Friday we will likely travel on a "field trip," perhaps as far as Kansas City. Students should bring $25 in spending money for this trip, plus a student ID for potential discounts.

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