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The God who made your soul made your solar system. Scripture reveals that the Word of God and the works of God have been spoken into being by the Son, the living Word of God, the Creator. Thus it is a grand objective to study the “planets” of the Christian life and the planets that orbit the Sun.

The Focus in 2015
Our purpose at LifeFocus 2015 is to wear two hats as Christians. We want to penetrate the spheres of our Solar System – all ten of them counting Pluto … or is it a dwarf planet? We also want to ponder the contours of the Christian’s life in Christ: conversion, worship, love, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions, and suffering. We step into the observations of science and of Scripture confident that “these two forms of revelation are complimentary” and “any apparent obscurity or alleged contradiction … arises from the natural limitations of man and especially from his sinful state of rebellion against God” (RP Testimony 1.2).

The God who made your soul made your solar system. Scripture reveals that the Word of God and the works of God have been spoken into being by the Son, the living Word of God, the Creator. Thus it is a grand objective to study the “planets” of the Christian life and the planets that orbit the Sun.


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Student Reflections

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I had a great time at Life Focus this last week. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new people. I also enjoyed learning about the solar system and God's amazing creation outside of Earth. I like how the lectures were tied in with the solar system and how each planet represented something different.

My favorite planet we looked at was Neptune which represented Missions. The reason it's my favorite is because I'm planning going with my family in the fall to spend about a five month trip abroad to help the local churches. This lecture has helped me get prepared mentally and spiritually for the adventure to come. One part in particular that stuck out to me was that God uses us to send out the gospel to the nations to bring him glory.
Will Parnell, KS
This year at Life Focus, we studied the planets; not just the planets in our astronomical solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the five dwarf planets) but  also the many "planets" of our lives (Conversion, Worship, Love, Scripture, Prayer, Money, Marriage and Missions respectively). Everyday we had an informative lecture at first to explain the physical aspects of the planets we were going to discuss in the next few lectures. These were to help us understand what each planet was like then how that can be seen in a metaphor sometimes to apply to the different "planets" of our lives. We started with the Sun, the center of our universe. It can be analogized that the Sun is a metaphor for God, but we were thoroughly warned not to focus so much on the sun that we make it an Idol.

"The universe should be a springboard to worshiping and glorifying God." Pastor Brad Johnston kept reminding us this for every different topic we discussed. Generally I would go on to say which of the topics was my favorite, but it is hard to choose from the eight different "planets" of your soul. I was able to learn so much about the immensity of the Universe and how God is even more immense than that. For example, in our own solar system, using a scaled model of the sun and measuring in feet from there, each of the planets, we discovered that the inner solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) are relatively close in comparison to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Jupiter was about one thousand feet from Saturn, Uranus was somewhere around Four Thousand feet from Saturn and at the halfway point to Uranus we stopped because Neptune was just a few hundred feet over a MILE from Uranus. Space is massive and yet perfectly and mysteriously beautiful as it points to its creator in Psalm 19. Understanding this was one of the most mind blowing and exciting things for me this week. Along with this, how to apply Christocentric theology to my life continues to encourage, teach and sanctify my own daily walk.

The talks were only one part of this last statement. One of the purposes of LifeFocus I have always been excited for is being able to be surrounded by the Church here and learn from how they live. We get the blessing most evenings to be hosted by different families of the church who feed us with food and best of all how they live out their faith. They take us into their home and become transparent for our sake, letting us glimpse at their family devotions and interactions with their children and others. It is almost a sneak peak at how I have often imagined heaven to be, though on a much more perfect scale of course. These blessed times have probably made the most impact on my own daily life and how I hope to eventually lead my own family.

The final thing I must mention is the other believers I have had the opportunity to share eight days with. I have made new friends and rekindled older friendships but there is something about living with a group of believers that can change and affect you on a far deeper scale than you could ever imagine. There were times when we would just break out singing Psalms or just begin a theological discussion on something we were thinking about. It truly is as Christ instructed us to be, treating older men as fathers, younger men as brothers, older women as mothers and younger women as sisters in all purity. Although not entirely perfect, a week with a group like this goes by and you become very close to family focused on learning about and growing closer God in everything. If I was ever asked by someone if they should go to LifeFocus, I would without hesitations tell them they should. It is a momentous week of living, growing and encouraging I feel everyone should experience at least once.
Sterling Fulk, IN
LifeFocus has really made me re-think parts of my life so that I might honor Christ more. I really liked the lectures on marriage, missions, and idolatry in particular. This LifeFocus in particular has also helped reaffirm my faith by teaching us about how God's glory is shown through the heavens and space. And another fun part was getting to see friends and make new ones, knowing that they are all believers.
Jacob Parnell, KS
LifeFocus was an encouraging week of sound Biblical teaching, education, and fellowship. I appreciated the way Pastor Johnston urged us to understand and appreciate the science of astronomy while maintaining a Biblical view of the universe through the separation of science from “storytelling.”

Pastor Wood gave us some “real talk” on marriage and missions that was quite practical and helpful. The hands-on reminder of the massiveness of the solar system (and galaxy and universe, by extension) was a humbling experience and gave me a new sense of wonder with respect to God’s unsurpassed love for a tiny piece of his creation.

Psalm 8 really hits the nail on the head. Over the course of the week, I formed several new friendships and strengthened several old ones and the camaraderie with others was a highlight. These relationships combined with several of the talks challenged me to greater humility and service.
Adam Dinkledine, IN
LifeFocus this year was even better than the years before. It was my third time attending, and it came with more learning, challenges to maturity, and encouragement. The theme of The Planets of your Life was really interesting; I think it helped everyone get excited about the week. The speakers, hospitality, and activities were all amazing, but it's also more than that. Having a smaller group made the whole experience more personal while still allowing time to think and develop close friendships .

The environment of LifeFocus is refreshing, as it encloses you for a week, giving the chance to grow more and more like Christ. It is a break from the normal experience of living in this world, providing teaching of what we as Christians should be like and a taste of what it will be like in our eternal home. I am looking forward to next year!

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5
Samara Harper, KS
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