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  • Saturday evening dinner

    Saturday evening dinner

  • Fellowship over pizza

    Fellowship over pizza

  • Sabbath morning prayer before worship service

    Sabbath morning prayer before worship service

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The Focus in 2013
LifeFocus 2013 surveys the unfolding of this Grand Drama of Redemption in the pages of Biblical and church history. We trace the covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. We survey the glory of the New Covenant in the Person of Jesus Christ, around whom our entire calendar turns. We also trace the arch of Redemption as it launched from Israel through the labors of the Early Church and has penetrated deeply into the nations. May the prophecy come to pass through the Gospel: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever” (Rev. 11:15).


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Lecture Audio

The Covenant Between Two Trees: The Adamic Covenant
Click Here to view "The Covenant Between Two Trees: The Adamic Covenant" lecture page
Lecture Audio

Between Iraq and a Hard Place: The Abrahamic Covenant
Click Here to view "Between Iraq and a Hard Place: The Abrahamic Covenant" lecture page
Lecture Audio

The Law Through Moses: The Mosaic Covenant
Click Here to view "The Law Through Moses: The Mosaic Covenant" lecture page
Lecture Audio

The Spirit Upon Me: The Davidic Covenant
Click Here to view "The Spirit Upon Me: The Davidic Covenant" lecture page
Lecture Audio

The Fulfillment of the Covenants: The New Covenant in Jesus Christ
Click Here to view "The Fulfillment of the Covenants: The New Covenant in Jesus Christ" lecture page
Lecture Audio

From Cavalry Soldier to Calvary Servant
Click Here to view "From Cavalry Soldier to Calvary Servant" lecture page
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Resource Material

Biblical Theology


LifeFocus Booklet
Speaker Notes
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Jonathan Haney
Life & Times of David King of Israel
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Adam King
A Survey of the Mosaic Covenant
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Student Stories

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LifeFocus this year was just as fantastic as the past two years. I learned a lot about the covenants made with Adam, Abraham, Moses, and David. Whenever I go to LifeFocus, I get a renewed passion for the things of God. Fellowshipping with other young believers who care about their spiritual life was very beneficial for me. I appreciate all the effort Brad Johnston puts into this conference every year to make it happen once again. It was a privilege to listen to the wisdom of elders in the Topeka church every morning, and the main talks from various pastors were encouraging and enlightening to say the least. I would definitely encourage any other high school, college student, or young person to come to LifeFocus 2014. I know it will be just as beneficial to your life as it was to mine!
Noah Camara, Indianapolis, IN
LifeFocus was important for me because I was able to see and experience the realness of Biblical history. I saw clearly the distinction between the Old and the New Testament and the present. Besides head knowledge, I also got to fellowship with friends. The people involved in LifeFocus did a great job with the food, the hosting, and other arrangements. I'm grateful and thankful for LifeFocus and the people behind it. LifeFocus has helped me delve deeper into my faith.
Samara Harper, Topeka, KS
Lifefocus has been so, so amazing. I really don't know where to start! The teaching, the people, the food (haha)....I'm just blown away at all the preparation and prayer that has gone into it, and it leaves me feeling so blessed. The enviroment is also really stimulating. I feel so comfortable and free to just talk and ask questions. I've also been so blessed to get to know all these awesome people. The Lord has richly blessed me in my faith and walk with Him this week at Lifefocus, and I will definitely be coming back, Lord willing.
Keely Dennis, Shawnee, KS
At beginning of the week, we were given an acorn. Just as an acorn starts from a small seed and grows into a mighty oak, so we see God's redemptive work progressive in history from Adam to the fulfillment in Christ. It has been beautiful to see how God works in a covenantal framework in history and in our lives today. I was also deeply encouraged by the brothers and sisters in Christ who so clearly love the LORD and are eager to serve Him, be it in witnessing to strangers or answering questions that I have had. The time I have spent here has been excellent, and I look forward to sharing what I have learned.
Hannah Spitler, Stillwater, OK
My second year at lifefocus has been as incredible as the first. I have been challenged during the lectures to consider the whole story of the Bible, and to see Christ in all of it. It has been amazing to see again and again God's working out the redemption of His people. Besides that I have had wonderful fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, from a variety of ages and walks of life. I have been so blessed by all of the people from the pastors to the students to the congregation members who have hosted us for dinner.
Rebekah Spitler, Stillwater, OK
Lifefocus has been such an amazing experience! There has been so much uplifting fellowship, between both fellow young adults and my elders. I have had my mind blown by the glory of God, and been brought to my knees in worship this week. I have seen God's faithfulness and grace in ways that I didn't expect and have been greatly encouraged in my personal walk of faith. It has been an awesome week of reflection about God's purpose throughout not only history, but in my life as well.
Abigail Parnell, Stillwater, OK
I really enjoyed my week here at LifeFocus. I really liked all the talks we did, there were some great speakers. I had never really seen how the Old Testament pointed to Jesus, but after the lectures I realized that it's constantly pointing to Him. I've also really had fun getting to know the team as well as well as the members of the Topeka congregation.
Will Parnell, Stillwater, OK
Life Focus was amazing! Not only do I see things with a better understanding of God's "Drama of Redemption" by His covenants towards us, but I became closer and got to meet fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Life Focus= An amazing experience.
Ashley Lettkeman, Stillwater, OK
A friend of mine persuaded me to attend LifeFocus 2013. The thought of hours of lectures each day was daunting; I'm not the kind of person who can sit down and listen for very long–at least not without losing interest. But once the week began, all my premonitions melted away. The speakers were great- they captured and held my interest with their well-planned lectures. The time table was balanced. The lectures were long enough that I could keep a good flow going while taking notes, but ended just before I got restless. I was given opportunities to ask questions. Studying the intricacies of the old Covenants and how they relate to the New, was fascinating. It was incredible to be able to focus so intensely on the Lord and His Word, praising Him, and engaging in excellent fellowship with other believers. The whole experience felt so....natural. For me, next March can't come fast enough. :)
Ashley Jorgensen, Stillwater, OK

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