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The Universe Next Door: Thoughtful Christians Among Other Worldviews

The Focus in 2016
Jesus Christ taught us to “go into all the world” bearing his gospel. The apostles taught us that in Jesus “are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

But when we take real steps to love and serve our neighbor, we discover they are not just a blank slate, but a complex arrangement of perspectives, desires, and presuppositions. The thoughtful Christian is not intimidated by disagreement, but prepared to patiently seek understanding and sort through various worldviews in an effort to faithfully represent Christ in the relationship.

Come join us as we investigate “the universe next door,” cataloging dominant worldviews and dissecting influential “isms” that capture hearts in the present day. We’ll seek to doggedly bring biblical truth to bear on the Big Questions of life, pursuing readiness to give an answer for our faith and hope. We’ll discover firm foundations and discern Christ’s lordship over every sphere of our lives.


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Student Reflections

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I was extremely blessed for my weeklong adventure at Life Focus. It was encouraging to dig deeper into the Christian worldview and contrast it with the major worldviews. The main idea of being "relationally kind and philosophically tough" reminded me once again that having a strong foundation in the word and being gracious while listening to other peoples thought process can better help me to live my life in a manner that brings glory to God. It was also wonderful to be around young adults thirty for the things of God.
Alex Greene, Denver CO
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