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Living For God’s Glory:
What Animates Calvinism

The Focus in 2017
A child’s catechism asks it best - “how can you glorify God?” The answer is both simple and sublime: “by loving him and doing what he commands.”

Calvinism ranks among the most despised – and cherished – labels. What is the core and essence of the remarkable upsurge of interest in biblical Calvinism, declared by Time magazine one of “
10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now”? Certain ideas have staying power, and the Biblical teachings of grace have certainly gripped the minds and hearts of countless thousands around the world.

Further, consider how the well known Solas and the Doctrines of Grace stir the affections of God’s people, arousing deeper comprehension of Scripture and a zeal for the Lord’s purposes. The Father ordains the salvation of his people. The Son draws near to redeem them. And the Spirit actuates that salvation by applying it to the hearts of God’s people. As still and silent drawings come to life in the hands of the animator, so those embracing the absolute sovereignty of God are animated to more purposeful, joyful, sustained labor in God’s kingdom. Come and learn with us about Living for God’s Glory: What Animates Calvinism!


Student Reflections

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I was extremely blessed for my weeklong adventure at Life Focus. It was encouraging to dig deeper into the Christian worldview and contrast it with the major worldviews. The main idea of being "relationally kind and philosophically tough" reminded me once again that having a strong foundation in the word and being gracious while listening to other peoples thought process can better help me to live my life in a manner that brings glory to God. It was also wonderful to be around young adults thirty for the things of God.
Alex Greene, Denver CO
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